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Champions League: We lost the battle, but the war continues -Neymar.

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Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar responded to the Champions League semi-final defeat in Paris 2-1 on Wednesday night.

Neymar said PSG had lost the battle against Man City but the war continues.

The Brazilian also expressed confidence that Mauricio Pochettino’s team could do better against Man City in the second game.

In response, Neymar wrote on Twitter after the match: ‘We lost the battle, but the war continues.

“I believe in my team, I believe we can be better than we were.”

Meanwhile, goals from Kevin De Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez gave Pep Guardiola’s men a lead on the first leg ahead of next week’s second game in the Etihad.

Marquinhos scored a header for PSG in the first half of the game.

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