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Cheers as Osun town get king after 8 years

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Relief seems to have come in the way of the residents of Iloko-Ijesa in the Oriade Local Government Area of ​​Osun State as the state government has approved the appointment of Prince Akeem Ogungbangbe as the new Owaloko of Iloko-Ijesa.

Awoyemi Olayinka Rafael, who spoke to DAILY POST in an emotionally charged voice, an indigenous of the city, said the issue of installing a traditional ruler for the city has long been at the forefront.

He noted that the popular choice for the city was Prince Ogungbangbe, despite several opposition from some individuals who were also interested in the kingship of the city.

According to him, “the choice of Ogungbangbe wanted to bring friction among some well-meaning individuals, even of royal princes in the city who believed that their own person should occupy the throne rather than the choice of the majority of the inhabitants of the city.

“We had to fight for our rights. There was a time when we demonstrated in public earlier this year because we felt that something shady was about to come.

“Fortunately, our efforts are not in vain today and the choice of the monarchs and the people has been ratified by God and the state government.”

The youth coordinator, Chief Kehinde Odeyemi, stated that the decision of the state government to approve the city’s choice of Prince Akeem Ogungbangbe will bring development in the city.

He revealed that the reason for the delay was due to the fact that another prince, Tunde Olasore, also wanted to strive for the kingship, but because other ruling houses stepped aside and supported the candidacy of Prince Akeem Ogungbangbe. he had no choice but to accept the will of the people.

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“Iloko-Ijesa was a peaceful and prosperous city and with the approval of the new Owaloko by the state government, the progress that has stalled over the past eight years will begin again.”

DAILY POST collected from sources that since the news came into the city, the royal makers and residents of Iloko-Ijesa have begun preparing to receive Prince Ogungbangbe for the launch of traditional coronation rituals.

Prince Akeem Ogungbangbe, a businessman in Lagos-Ibadan, is expected to fill the vacuum left by former Owaloko, Oba Oladele Olashore, who joined his ancestors in 2012.

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