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EPL: Man Utd can deduct three points after the clash with Liverpool is canceled

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Manchester United are facing points deduction as Premier League and FA rules contradict each other over postponement, reports the UK Mirror.

The Red Devils would play Liverpool this Sunday at 16:30, but the match was called off after shocking scenes at Old Trafford.

More than 200 supporters stormed the field after attacking policemen outside the stadium.

There was no assurance about safety regarding the management of the team bus to the stadium, for United or Liverpool, and it was decided to put off the match.

The Premier League has launched an investigation into the incident, questioning how more than 200 fans entered the stadium.

According to the FA’s rulebook in section 8.3.4, it can be said that United could be found to be at fault for not continuing the match and that Liverpool awarded three points.

It reads: ‘In the event that a match is abandoned due to the conduct of one club or its members or supporters, the Board has the power to order that the match not be played again and to add one or three points to assigning the club no mistake.

“It can not impose any financial penalty for the conduct of a club.”

Due to the fact that the police were among those who decided that the match could not continue, the Premier League will declare that the decision does not belong to United.

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