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“Fighting over an overused washed up man” Ubi Franklin caught in crossfire as his baby mama and alleged current girlfriend fight dirty

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Ubi Franklin’s baby mama and his alleged current girlfriend are currently dragging each other on Instagram and they have also dragged Ubi into the fight.


It began with Adesuwa Renee Ogiozee,  who is alleged to be Ubi’s present girlfriend, shading someone. She accused the person of trying to use her for clout. She also accused the person of “trying so hard to destroy a man just because he rejected you.”



Sandra caught the sub and hit back at Renee. She dared her to “mention her name in that that post” if she’s so sure of herself.


Sandra, who shares a daughter with Ubi Franklin, added: “I have never seen a dumb ass bi**ch in my entire life fighting over an over used washed up man.”


Sandra continued: “You dey fight for expired prick.”


Sandra further accused Renee of using unknown numbers to call her. She also accused her of creating fake pages to insult her children and she shared screenshots as proof.


The screenshots show a particular Instagram user, leaving multiple comments to insult Sandra’s children, including referring to her kids as “children of fornication. “


Sandra warned that she draws the line when it comes to her kids.


See screenshots of Sandra’s posts below.


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