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Fuel shortage hits Abuja, commuters, car owners stranded

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Commuters in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, were trapped Monday because a shortage of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) commonly known as gasoline surfaced in the city.

DAILY POST correspondent who monitored the market situation on Monday night noted that most filling stations between Kubwa and Zuba do not distribute the product to customers.

Most attendees of the filling stations visited by DAILY POST correspondent deliberately refused to hand out the products to customers who were helpless on long queues.

Meanwhile, the few stations sold have spent above the normal pump price. Meters were adjusted to N165, compared to N160 or N163 which was the case earlier.

In what was apparently based on government directives, the servants did not want to talk to reporters about what made the scarcity revived, and maintained that they were ignorant about the matter.

A popular gas station along Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja, stopped operations before 4pm, claiming there was no fuel to dispense.

Attempts to talk to marketers were abortive because requests were denied, while some would just say “we do not know”.

It comes barely a month after the fuel shortage fueled economic activity in the FCT due to an alleged federal government plan to increase the pump price of the product.

Recall that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC. and other commercial stations closed on March 2 because marketers complained about scarcity in depots.

Meanwhile, it was a wonderful day for the black marketers as the price of the product skyrocketed, ranging from N300 to N350 per liter.

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One of the traders, Mr. Ayuba, who spoke to our correspondent in Kubwa, said he had prayed that the scarcity would be extended so that he could earn more money.

‘After selling the one I stored yesterday, I managed to buy another 10 liters at one filling station and I’m glad the market is moving.

“The money I earned today has exceeded my total interest rate since the beginning of the year,” he boasted.

Mr. Yusuf, a supervisor at the gas station, in one of the commercial stations, said he was surprised by the large crowd queuing for fuel.

He said he did not know what was happening, but that they had noticed that other gas stations were outside the lock and key.

“All our delivery units are working, but we’re about to close now, I do not know what we will do,” he said in the midst of the disappointment.

In other parts of the city, motorists were seen driving in their driveway to gain access to the fuel delivery points, but were frustrated by the reality.

At 20:00, one of the NNPC stores in Lugbe stopped handing out to customers, but some of the motorists refused to leave the filling station.

“I’m going to stay and wait until these guys close everywhere at this station today, only God knows what’s going on,” said a taxi driver who did not want to give his name in print.

Another ‘frustrated’ customer who simply identified himself as Smart regrets the incessant fuel shortage in the FCT.

According to him, “the disturbing thing about this scarcity tonight is that there was no sign that it would happen.

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‘Is there no fuel to sell, or has the federal government ordered them not to sell to us?

‘Otherwise there was nothing else yesterday, I would try to fill my tank before I leave for work this morning.

“Moving from here to my home on Bwari is currently relatively impossible”.

Along the Dutse-Bwari highway, filling stations such as AYM Shafa and Mobil filling station were also closed to motorists on Monday night.

Another customer standing in line at a gas station, who had become violent over the inability to fill his car and gallons, intended to power his house.

‘Who has offended us in this country? Why does everything have to turn upside down?

“Getting fuel with my own money has now become a problem.

‘If they want to enlarge it again, they have to be more open to us than just keeping us in line. What have we not seen, ”? He said.

A tricycle driver, mr. Babangida, popularly known as Aboki, told DAILY POST correspondent in Dutse Alhaji that the rarest Tuesday is the potential to crumble the city’s transportation system.

‘We came here to get the fuel that is meant for tomorrow morning as usual, but now look what’s happening.

‘People who go to work very early in the morning will be stranded tomorrow because most of us will not be on the road.

“Other drivers who can happily buy fuel today will definitely increase their rates tomorrow until it returns to normal,” he said.

However, the Group Managing Director, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Mele Kolo Kyari, said that there will be no increase in the price of petrol before the depot.

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He announced this on Monday via the company’s social media post during a meeting he held with the National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) / Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD).

“The GMD has also announced that there will be no increase in the ex-depot price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) in May 2021,” the report reads.

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