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Uncertainty: Everyone will suffer if war breaks out – Osinbajo

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said Nigeria could not afford a civil war again because it would not be good for the country.
Osinbajo said this at an interactive forum of the Allambes Congress (APC) Anambra governors aspirants organized by the State Chapter of the APC Patriots in Abuja, reports NAN.

‘The thing about this kind of conflict in this part of the world, developing countries, is that it’s usually a war without end.

‘Everyone who thinks he has saved money somewhere will eventually have no more money.

‘Everyone who thinks he can hide somewhere will not even get a place to hide, in the end everyone will suffer.

‘Even if you do not suffer, parents, children, young and old will suffer and relationships will suffer. “We can not afford a war in this country, we can not afford it,” he said.

Osinbajo said the political elite must take up the challenge by speaking the truth and taking action to address the situation in the country.

‘I pray that our country will never know conflict, but I know that every conflict is the result of the fact that elites do not speak the truth and tell the truth to their communities.

“At the end of the day, it is the political elite that determines what happens in every society. Keeping quiet can lead to a more dangerous situation,” he said.

The vice president said the elite can make a big difference just by the words they speak.

“If we do not speak out against division, if we remain silent and remain under the radar, the enemies of peace and those who want to promote division will have their way.

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“And when that happens, we will keep ourselves going,” Osinbajo said.

Therefore, he urged political elites in the country to always speak up and stand up for the interests of the country and the general public.

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